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Why did I start this blog?

With a background in Psychology I worked with children on the Autistic Spectrum, and many children with AD(H)D, as well as various mental disorders and learning difficulties for a number of years. Many of these children were on medication, a huge number of them were allergic to various things in their environment.
During my training in Kinesiology I became passionate about holistic / healthy living and nutrition and that’s when I realised that in order to help children thrive we must detox them and then do our best to raise them in an environment that is as low on toxins as possible.

I feel really passionate about raising toxin free children and I always wanted to share my interest but one day I realised that there are only a very few people around me who share these views. So I thought there must be other parents out there who have similar passion and they may also feel isolated as the result of their lifestyle choices. I just had to think of a way to find them and connect to them. That is when I set up Raising Toxin Free Children Facebook group.
I will continue to work tirelessly to raise awareness about the impact of toxins on children’s health.

When I’m not working I enjoy reading, walking, travelling and spending time with my family. I have a wonderful, supportive partner, Vincent and we have an amazing little girl, Molly.

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